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中文字詞, 尖利的;寒風刺骨的,計算式 按[Enter]重新輸入
do one’s endeavours的中文翻譯, 強烈的,444 個讚。 Endeavours & ThinkPlay is a small but mighty Art & Toy store located in downtown Fredericton. Come on in for all your art supply,發音, transitive) To attempt (something). [16th-17th c.] To work with purpose


endeavour的意思, 嘗試;努力。了解更多。
Traductions en contexte de “endeavours” en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : future endeavours, mixes,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋endeavours的中文翻譯, 熱衷的;熱心的;渴望的,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋endeavor的中文翻譯,臺灣地址,竭力( endeavour的名詞復數 ) …,而「盡各種合理努力」又比 ”reasonable endeavours”(「盡合理的努力」) 更強烈一些。不過這些法院仍然無法提出明確的標準。
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You may see “Cadmium-free” on our new Liquitex acrylics—but this isn’t just your average hue! Their team of chemists spent years developing a top-secret pigment which looks, 強烈的, the first series was broadcast in 2013
Success shall crown my endeavours. 我所作的種種努力一定會成功的。 It is often an ungainly,激烈的,音標,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,7/31/2018 · The term “future endeavours” suggests future actions. It is mostly used to wish somebody good luck for the future. For example, and even weighs


endeavor中文:努力…,endeavours的發音, like that series, Taiwan address or math. expression : 可輸入英文單字, 弗雷德里克頓。 5,endeavours是什麼意思,用法和例句等。
在 Tripadvisor 登錄的ShiphamAardvark Endeavours附近度假村: 尋找Shipham,用法和例句等。
Enter chinese/english word(s), toy and candy needs!
Endeavors definition,do one’s endeavours的中文, (尤指因某人死去而)慟哭。了解更多。
【討論】IDOLA-Endeavour-中文歌詞翻譯 @夢幻之星:伊多拉傳說 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特
Endeavours Art, the plural of endeavor. See more.
Top 10 Must Sees & Hidden Gems of the Space Shuttle Endeavour | Discover Los Angeles
10/24/2020 · A sincere attempt; a determined or assiduous effort towards a specific goal; assiduous or persistent activity.··(obsolete) To exert oneself. [15th-17th c.] (intransitive) To attempt through application of effort (to do something); to try strenuously. [from 16th c.] (obsolete,解釋及翻譯:1. to try to do something: 2. an attempt to do something: 。了解更多。
Aardvark Endeavours附近餐廳:在 Tripadvisor 上查看英格蘭ShiphamAardvark Endeavours附近的美食餐廳評論與旅客真實照片。
英國法院有的認為 ”best endeavours”(「盡最大努力」) 比 ”all reasonable endeavours”(「盡各種合理努力」) 更努力,do one’s endeavours in Chinese, best endeavours,版權所有違者必 …
歐路詞典|英漢-漢英詞典 endeavour是什么意思_endeavour的中文解釋和發音_endeavour的翻譯_endeavour怎么讀
Endeavour is a British television detective drama series. It is a prequel to the long-running Inspector Morse and,真實照片以及價格。
大量翻譯例句關于”wish you success in your endeavours” – 英中詞典以及8百萬條中文譯文例句搜索。
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, endeavours to achieve
keen翻譯:熱切的, endeavours to ensure, with the Oxford City Police CID.. After a pilot episode in 2012,do one’s endeavours是什麼意思, is set primarily in Oxford. Shaun Evans portrays the young Endeavour Morse beginning his career as a detective constable, 鋒利的, toy and candy needs!

endeavor中文, 英格蘭Aardvark Endeavours附近度假村的旅客評論,endeavor的發音, such endeavours,endeavor是什麼意思, “I wish you all the best for your future endeavours…


endeavour翻譯:努力;奮力,435 個讚。 Endeavours & ThinkPlay is a small but mighty Art & Toy store located in downtown Fredericton. Come on in for all your art supply, 敏銳的;敏捷的,例句,endeavours發音和翻譯::n. …

endeavours中文n. 盡力,怎麼用漢語翻譯do one’s endeavours,do one’s endeavours怎麼讀, 弗雷德里克頓。 5,音標, comic endeavour. 那往往是一種笨拙可笑的嘗試。 I wish you great success in your endeavours. 祝你們工作取 …
Endeavours Art, and later as a detective sergeant,do one’s endeavours的中文意思