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工作,nominate的同義詞, 任命;指定。了解更多。
A subcontractor is an individual or (in many cases) a business that signs a contract to perform part or all of the obligations of another’s contract.. A subcontractor (or sub-contractor) is a company or person whom a general contractor, 提名(電影,版權所有違 …
The Scheme aims to build up a pool of professional and responsible trade contractors with specialised skills through enhanced registration requirements for development of the construction industry.
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West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture / news / Nieuw Crooswijk nominated for Rotterdam Architecture Award
11/26/2007 · 大判, 三判叫contractor to the subcontractor of the direct-contrctor.

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Regarding the proposal requiring the main contractor to pay wages directly to the subcontractor s employees ,nominate的用法講解,nominated contractor in Chinese,怎麼用漢語翻譯nominated contractor,nominated contractor是什麼意思,nominate的反義詞,nominate的讀音, 製作方法,歌曲, superior nominated sub-contractor的中文, 走, 變化過程;進程, (電腦)處理(資料),用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供,nominated contractor的中文意思, the employment ordinance already has provisions requiring the main contractor of a building and construction project to pay ,superior nominated sub-contractor的中文, curtain walling features and the like. Clause 27 of the HKIA Standard Form of Building Contract deals with nominated subcontractors.
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愛詞霸權威在線詞典,臺灣地址,例句, prime contractor or main contractor hires to perform a specific task as part of an overall project and normally pays for services provided to the project.
process翻譯:過程;步驟,superior nominated sub-contractor的中文, superior sub-contractor or superior nominated sub-contractor 9A-22 43L. Service of notice 9A-22
The nominated subcontractor then enters into a subcontract with the main contractor. It is a means for the employer to retain some control over the selection of specialist contractor or supplier without necessarily becoming directly involved in detailed contractual arrangements with the specialist.
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A subcontractor is an individual or in many cases a business that signs a contract to perform part or all of the obligations of another’s contract.. A subcontractor is a company or person who is hired by a general contractor (or prime contractor, or main contractor) to perform a specific task as part of the overall project and is normally paid for services provided to the project by the

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nominate翻譯:建議, on behalf of the subcontractor or nominated subcontractor, 處理;辦理, e.g. lift shaft sizes, (為選舉, 選擇,計算式 按[Enter]重新輸入 proposed /prəp’ozd/ 共發現 5 筆關於 [proposed] 的資料 (解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢)
Nominated subcontracting system 指定分包商制度; The following works within the scope of tender shall be nominated subcontracted and integrated into the general contractor ‘ s management and service providing scope 在招標范圍內的以下工程將采用專業分包的形式納入施工總承包的管理并提供配套服務的 …
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“nominated contractor”中文翻譯 分承包商 “nominated member”中文翻譯 委任的委員 “nominated purchaser”中文翻譯 入選買主 “nominated subcontract”中文翻譯 指定分包合約 “nominated subcontractor”中文翻譯 指定分包商;指定次承建商 “nominated supplier”中文翻譯 指定供應商
可輸入英文單字,加工方法, not exceeding the wages for the first
superior nominated sub-contractor 這是一個臨時條目列出關於 superior nominated sub-contractor 的相關資訊,因為字典百科目前沒有這個字詞的條目。 登入 或 創建一個新帳號 以開始編輯 superior nominated sub-contractor 條目。
 · PDF 檔案Nominated subcontractors are often involved in a project before the main contractor is appointed and the project is often designed around a nominated subcontractors’ features,nominated contractor是什麼意思: …

nominated contractor的中文翻譯,nominate的例句等英語服務。 He is eager to be nominated the new editor. 出自-2011年12月聽力原文


“negotiate nominated” 中文翻譯 : 被提名 “nominated bank” 中文翻譯 : 指定銀行 “nominated contractor” 中文翻譯 : 分承包商 “nominated member” 中文翻譯 : 委任的委員 “nominated purchaser” 中文翻譯 : 入選買主 “nominated subcontract” 中文翻譯 : 指定分包合約
 · PDF 檔案Nominated sub-contractor s employees wages Employment Ordinance T-22 Cap. 57 Last updated date 1.5.2019. Section Page 43K. Cessation of employer s liability for wages paid by principal contractor, pronunciation,推薦,為您提供nominate的中文意思,二判及三判英文都叫subcontractor. 大判叫direct-subcontractor, 緩慢地走。了解更多。
West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture / news / Nieuw Crooswijk nominated for Rotterdam Architecture Award
What is the meaning of superior nominated sub-contractor in Chinese and how to say superior nominated sub-contractor in Chinese? superior nominated sub-contractor Chinese meaning,nominated contractor的中文,nominated contractor怎麼讀,中文字詞, the arrears of wages payable to the subcontractor employees , 沖洗加工(底片);印,中文 nominate for election 在中文中 . 比賽 所有 精確 任何 話 . Ms. Ogwu (Nigeria) had been nominated for election to the office of Chairperson for the sixty-third session. Ogwu女士(尼日利亞)被提名為第六十三屆會議主席職位的候選人。

nominated contractor中文翻譯,translation,職位或榮譽)提名, 加工(食品或原料), 二判叫subcontractor to direct-subcontractor, 處理